Sept 14, 2014 - Puzzle gets a perfect 200 score under Lawrence Klassen at the CKOC show from the Open B class. Also winning High in Trial to make this 35 HIT's

Sept 2014 Puzzle finishes his Grand Master Hunter title!!

July 11, 2014 Puzzle is HIT from Open B under judge Sharon Redmer at the Evelyn Kenny show. High in trial number 34!!

June 28- July 2 & July 5th and 6th 2014- Puzzle has an amazing time at a cluster of Hunt Tests in Alberta. He qualified in all 6 Master Tests bringing his total Grand Master legs to 8 !!!!!!! These were challenging tests and he rose to the occasion.

May 23-27, 2014 - Spokane WA, Coeur d'lane ID - Puzzle picks up his American CDX and UD !!!! We had 6 Trials to pick up both titles and he qualified and won all 6 classes Well Done Puzzle!! He also won the Field dog Conformation Class at the Inland Empire Golden Retriever Specialty

April 4,5,6/14 - Puzzle picks up 3 high in Trials at the Red Deer Kennel Club Shows. as well as High Aggregate. Friday (Alvin Eng Open B 199 1/2, utility B 198 1/2: Saturday Darwin Boles Open B 198; Sunday Alvin Eng Open B 199 1/2, Utility B 199)

March 21-23, 2014 Puzzle has an amazing weekend at the Battle River Canine Association trials.

Friday Michael Calhoun 198 Open B, 198 1/2 Utility B with a HIT: Saturday James Ham (USA) Open B 198 1/2, Utility B 198 1/2 with a HIT; Sunday Kent Delany (USA) Open B 199 1/2, Utility B 199 1/2 HIT ***** 2 High in Trials and High Aggregate award 596 1/2 out of a possible 600

Jan 17-19, 2014 Puzzle picks up 2 more High in Trials. One from Open and one from Utility at the Alberta Kennel Club dog show. Open HIT 199, Utility HIT 198 1/2


October 2013 - Golden Retriever Club of America's National Specialty Wichita Falls TX

Puzzle: 2nd in Novice B obedience (New Am CD)

2nd in Nov Dog Conformation

WCX Pass

4th in the Qualifying Field Trial !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Earning an Am. ** Title

**Puzzle Qualifies for his second straight Triathlon Award ****

            Scrabble: 2nd in the Puppy Stake Field Trial !!!!

            Cedar showed great in Veteran Sweeps and The Veteran 10-12 class 

Sept 7, 2013 Puzzle qualifies in the Master Hunter Test at the GRBC Tests - 2 GMH legs

August 31, 2013 and Sept 1, 2013 - Puzzle finishes his Master hunter title and gets his first Grand Master Hunter leg at the Pacific Rim Hunting Retriever Club

August 3 & 4/13 - Puzzle picks up 2 more Master Hunter Passes in Saskatoon, SK. One more to go!!!!!!!!

July 12,13,14/13 - Puzzle popped into the obedience ring at the Evelyn Kenny Dog show and came home with 2 High in Trial's and High Aggregate. Qualifying 6/6 with amazing scores. One HIT from Utility and one from Open.

June 29,30 & July 1, 2013 - Puzzle competes in his first Master Hunter Tests and has an amazing weekend! He Picked up 2 MH legs, we would have had 3 however he just could not contain himself on the honor breaking bird.... His marking and blinds were brilliant.... what a dog!!

April 5-7,2013 - Puzzle qualifies 6/6 in all his classes at the Red Deer show with all scores over 198. He wins HIT on Sunday with a 199 1/2 from Open B. Also picking up a High Aggregate award !

March 24, 2013 -Puzzle wins High Aggregate at the camrose show with a total score of 596.5/600 from Open B (also qualified in all 3 utility B classes too!)

March 23, 2013 - Puzzle HIT #20 from Open B 199 under Bill Rogers at the Camrose show.

March 22, 2013 - Puzzle HIT #19 from Open B 199 1/2 under Shirley Hubenig at the Camrose show & Cedar wins High Scoring Veteran with a 199/200!!

Feb 16, 2013 - Puzzle gets another HIT (#18) from the Utility B class with a 199. He also qualified in open B with a 197 1/2 under judger Lawrence Klassen at the Rottie Trials in Calgary, AB

Jan 19,2013 - Puzzle pics up another HIT (#17) from Open B 199 1/2 and also qualified in Utility B with a 198 1/2 under Jeff Lunder. Puzzle also won the Rocky Mountain High award!!

Jan 18, 2013 - Puzzle starts the year off with a HIT (#16) from Utility and another Grand Master leg (3)towards his GMOTCH 2 under judge Jeff Lunder 198 1/2 from Utility B and 197 from Open B at the AKC trials

________________________2012 ___________________________

December 2012 - Puzzle ends 2012 as the number 8 all breed obedience dog in Canada!!! #3 Golden Retriever, #4 Sporting dog and #1 dog in Alberta!!!

December 1, 2012 - CKOC spare GMOTCH leg number 2 - 196 Utility B/ 197 1/2 open B

Nov 30, 2012 - CKOC Spare GMOTCH leg Michal Calhoun 198 in Utility B and 198 1/2 in Open B - Also good enough for HIT (#15)

November 25, 2012 - Puzzle is a Grand Master Obedience Trial Champion!!!!!! He finished his GMOTCH under Judge Jeff Lunder at the Cal K9 Trials earning a 195 1/2 in utility B and a 199 from Open B. Puzzle also picked up a bonus leg under Lionel Whittaker with a 197 1/2 in Utility B and a 199 1/2 in Open B (also a HIT #14)

Puzzle also won High combined in Trial 1 and 2, High scoring Sporting dog, High aggregate & High scoring Dog with a Show CH.

November 4, 2012 - Puzzle ears GMOTCH leg number 9 under Judge David Denis Open B 197 1/2 and Utility B 199 **HIT from Utility B*** High in Trial number 13!!

November 3,2012 - Puzzle ears GMOTCH leg number 8 - Utility under Carol Allinson 197 1/2 and open B under Richard Lewis 197

October 28,2012 - Puzzle Earns GMOTCH leg number 7 Under American judge Ken Buxton with a 195 in Utility B and a 197 1/2 from Open B

October27, 2012 - Puzzle earns GMOTCH leg number 6 under Lawrence Klassen with a 199 from Utility and a 198 from Open B (overload judge Bud Milsom)

GRCA National Specialty St. Louis MO Sept 4-13/12 Cedar earns a UDX leg qualifying in Open B and Utility B, earns a CCA and shows very well in the Veteran 8-10 yr class; Puzzle earns his CCA title, places 2nd in the Novice Dog Class, gets a 197 in Novice B obedience, 197 1/2 (2nd place) in Graduate Novice obedience, qualifies in the WCX test and earns his first leg of his Senior Hunter!!! He also qualifies for the Triathlon award!!! Cedar is also clear for all of the available DNA tests!! Yeah both boys clear for GR_PRA1, ICT and prcd-PRA !!!!

August 4, 2012 - Both Puzzle and Cedar win a High In Trial at the Alberta Kennel Club Dog show!!! Puzzle picked up his 5th Grand Master Leg with a 198 1/2 from Open B and a 196 1/2 from Utility under Chris Cornell; Cedar won the Open B class with a 197 1/2 under judge Lionel Whittaker

July 21, 2012 Puzzle wins the prestigeous NAN GORDON MEMORIAL TROPHY. This trophy is for the top dog that gets the most amount of point in 3 venues. Puzzle won this title for winning Best Gun Dog, getting a 197 1/2 in Open B and attaining his WXC in the field. 3 Teams qualified for the award.

July 19, 2012 Puzzle wins Best Gun Dog in Specialty at the Golden Retrieve Club of Canada's National Specialty!!

June 2, 2012 Puzzle wins BEST GUN DOG at the GRCAlberta Specialty under Judge Nancy Talbott as well as gettting his 4th GMOTCH leg with 198 1/2 from open B and a 196 from Utility. At the Specialty he also won High Scoring Golden Retriever!!! Pretty and smart on the same day :)

April 28,2012 - Puzzle wins the Golden Retriever Club of Alberta's top Novice dog (average score 199.5) and Top Open Dog (average score 199.17) and Highest overall dog. Cedar wins the top Utility dog award (average score 197.67)

April 8, 2012 - Puzzle picks up his GMOTCH required HIT (#11)from Utility under judge Carol Allinson in Red Deer Utility 196, open B 196

April 7, 2012 - Puzzle gets his 3rd GMOTCH leg in Red Deer under judge Jill Jones Open B 198, utility 195 1/2

April 6, 2012 - Puzzle gets his 2nd GMOTCH leg at the Red Deer Show under Judge Carol Allinson Open B 196, Utility 196

March 25,2012 - Puzzle gets his 1st GMOTCH leg under Lionel Whittaker Open B 199 1/2 Utiliity 198 1/2

March 24, 2012 - Puzzle finishes his OTCHX & MOTCH!!!! Open 199 1/2 Utility 196 under Judge Terry Gains in Camrose, AB

March 23, 2012 - Puzzle gets his 4th MOTCH leg with a HIT (#10) from Open B (198) Utility (191 1/2) under judge Theresa Temple

Jan 19, 2012- Cedar gets a 13th GMOTCH Leg with a HIT (#11) from Open B (199) Utility (198 1/2) under judge David Denis at the Saskatoon Kennel club show.

Dec 2011- Puzzle has been bred to "Sweep" - see Puppies for more information


Nov 27, 2011 - Cal k9 Obedience club of Calgary - Cedar gets his 10th HIT with a 198 1/2 from Open under Jeff Lunder. Puzzle gets his first UDX leg in style 198 1/2 from Open and 198 1/2 from Utility. Picking up 10 MOTCH points too. Each dog also won a high combined award and they are sharing the prize for Highest scoring Champion of record!!

Nov 6, 2011- Cedar gets his 12th GMOTCH leg with a 199 1/2 from Open B and a 195 1/2 from Utility (open -Jeff Lunder/ Utility Jancie Leach) HIT #9!!

November 4, 2011 - Puzzle finishes his UD/OTCH with a 196 and first in class (1 point off HIT)

Oct 23, 2011 - Cedar gets a spare GMOTCH pair and a HIT (#8)from open B with a 199 (winning the run off for first place and HIT) Puzzle gets his second Utility leg!

Oct 22, 2011 - Cedar Finishes his GRAND MASTER OBEDIENCE TRIAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Cedar becomes the 2nd Golden Retriever with a Show CH to get a GMOTCH in Canada!!! finishes the title under judge Christopher Cornell & Puzzle gets his first Utility Leg!!

Oct 2011 - Puzzle is DNA clear for all 3 available genetic tests PRA, Ichthyosis and GR_PRA1

Sept 23 & 24 - Cedar gets GMOTCH legs 8 & 9 at the Lloydminster kennel club dog shows. Sept 23, 2011 under judge David Denis Open B 197 1/2 Utility 198 Sept 24, 2011 under judge Diana MacKenzie Open B 198 1/2 utility 195 HIT #7 from open B

July 2011- Cedar wins 3 of the Golden Retriever Club of Canada's year end awards - JP Crawley Memorial Award, Gibson Memorial Award, and the top open B dog - Goldensport

July 2 & 3/ 2011 - Puzzle qualifies both days to finish his Senior Hunter title at the Lab club of Alberta's tests!!

June 25 & 26/2011 - Puzzle qualifies both days to get 2 legs of his Senior Hunter at the ACHRA Hunt tests!!!

June 5, 2011 - Puzzle picks up HIT #9 with a 199 from the open B class under Judge James Ham at the NACA trial (HIT over 86 dogs!!)

May 13, 2011 - Puzzle gets HIT # 8 with a 199.5 from the Open B class under Judge Michael Calhoun at the Medicine Hat Dog show.

April 17,2011 - Puzzle gets a 199 from the Open B class under Lawerence Klassen at the Labrador Retriever club of Alberta trial on April 17, 2011

April 1-3, 2011 - Puzzle gets his CDX in fine style. 3 HIT's and High Aggregate with scores of 197, 198 1/2 and 199 under judges Del Lunn, Christopher Cornell and M. Cloutier

April 1, 2011- Cedar gets his 7th GMOTCH leg with a 196 in open B and a 195 from Uitility under judge Del Lunn at the Red Deer Kennel Club show.

March 26, 2011 - Cedar gets his 6th GMOTCH leg with a 197 in Utility and a 198 1/2 in Open B under Judge Bruce Fraser Puzzle got a 198 from Novice B under Paul Oslach

March 25, 2011 -Puzzle picks up his 4th HIT with a 197 at the Battle River Show under Judge Bruce Fraser

March 12, 2011 - Puzzle gets a 200 Score in Novice B under judge Terry Gains!!!!!!!!! Trial 2 he gets a 199 1/2 under Lionel Whittaker!! what a thrilling weekend!!!! Good enough for 2 High in Trial wins

March 11,2011 - Puzzle finishes his CD with a 199 under judge Terry Gains at the Calgary Kennel and obedience Club Show (1/2 point of HIT again!)


December 5,2010 - Puzzle gets his first HIGH IN TRIAL with a 198 under judge Eva O'Keefe at the Cal K9 obedience trial. He also won High scoring Sporting Dog and High scoring Champion.... both wins from a run off

December 5,2010 - Cedar gets his 5th GMOTCH Leg with a 197 1/2 from Open B and a 196 1/2 from Utility under Judge Eva O'Keefe.

November 5, 2010 Puzzle makes his Canadian Obedience debut 1st in class from the Novice B class in Red Deer Alberta getting a 199!!!! ( 1/2 point off of HIT)



Oct 3, 2010 - Puzzle gets his American WC and WCX title at the National Specialty!!!

Oct 1, 2010 - Cedar wins the Novice Dog conformation class at the GRCA 2010 National !!

Sept 30,2010 Cedar gets his first American UDX leg, qualifying in Open B and Utility B!! He placed 4 in the utility class at the National Specialty

Puzzle makes the final cut in his Owner Amateur Handled conformation class at the GRCA National specialty and then goes on to get a 196 in the Novice B class!!! see Puzzle to view the video

Sept 29,2010 Cedar wins the Rally Novice Class with 100 and the fastest time.He now has his American Rally novice title. RN

Sept 28,2010 - Cedar Finishes all of his AKC Novice Agility titles at the Colorado National Specialty.. NA, NAJ ,NF !!!!


August 2,2010 - Puzzle earns his Canadian WCX at 25 month old!

July 31, 2010 Cedar gets his 4th GMOTCH leg at the Alberta Kennel Club dog show under Michael Calhoun, He also won high scoring golden in open and utility as well as High Scoring GRCA member.

July 17,18 - 2010 Puzzle finishes his last 2 NAHRA Started legs. Both Tests were very challenging and Puzzle pinned 9/10 marks, he only had to do a small hunt on 1 of the marks!! way to go Puzzle. He now has his SR (started Retriever title)

July 11,12 -2010 Puzzle picks up his first 2 NAHRA Started legs. Video of Sunday's marks under "Puzzle"

June 5, 2010 - Cedar gets his 6th CKC HIT from the open B class under Karen Brearley with a 198, also passing utility with a 195 picking up his 3rd GMOTCH leg!!!!

May 1, 2010 Puzzle gets to the 6th Mark in the 7 singles competition!

April 2010 - Cedar wins the Golden Retriever Club of Alberta's Top Open Dog with an average score of 197.83 and Top Utility Dog with and average score of 196.33 Puzzle gets an Oustanding award by getting 4 titles in 2009 CH, WC WCI and JH

April 3, 2010 - Cedar HIT #5 from the Utility class with a 197 1/2 !! under judge Isobel Hutton

March 19,2010- Cedar gets another UKC HIT 197 1/2 from the open B class and gets his first UKC UD leg with a 195 1/2. (4th UKC HIT)

March 14, 2010 - Cedar gets his 4th HIT from the Open B class with a 198 1/2 under judge Marion Postgate.

Dec 6, 2009 - Cedar gets his 2nd GMOTCH leg at the Cal k-9 Trials 196 in open B & utility- wins High scoring Champion, High Sporting and High obedience Partner student. under judge Lawrence Klassen

October 2009 - Puzzle's Father "Fisher" finishes his American Senior Hunter title!

Sept 2009 - Puzzle's mother "Aimy" finishes her Canadian Master Hunter!!

August 15, 2009 Puzzle earns his WCI in Regina SK

July 16,2009 At the GRCBC Specialty Cedar gets his first GMOTCH leg & wins Best

Gun Dog in specialty!!

July 12,2009 Cedar gets his 3rd CKC HIT at Evelyn Kenny dog show.

June 27,28,29 -2009 Puzzle earns 3 straight Junior Hunter Passes!! wooo hooo

June 7, 2009 Puzzle earns his WC

June 6, 2009 -Edmonton AB

**Puzzle finishes his Championship title going Winners Dog at the Golden Retriever Club of Alberta's specialty

May 9, 2009 Medicine Hat

**Cedar gets his 2nd CKC HIT with 198 1/2 from the open B class.

**Puzzle gets Best of Winners and best puppy for 3 points

Sept 2008

**Cedar wins the Golden Retriever Club of Canada's JP Crawley Versatility Award for 2007

June 2008